The Gound Up
Entering into long-term lease contracts directly with private landowners allows large tracts of land to be reforested and maintained at a profit for the landowner, corporation and investors as well as sequestering tons of greenhouse gases.

Economic Stability

All socio-economic theories have one thing in common, people want to be happy. They want to be safe and feed their families. The Landowner Investment Partnership is rooted in pure Capitalism, everyone profits. The Landowner is well paid for the use of his land. The Company is well paid for their development and management of that land. The Investors are well paid for having faith in the abilities of the Company. The Planet benefits because people can AFFORD to sequester Green House Gases.

Although well meaning education and encouragement are readily available, few people can wait for a harvest or simply plant and walk away from a stand of trees. Unless they have a steady income, most people will cut those young trees for firewood or quick sale without allowing the stand to mature and sequester the maximum carbon possible for that site. Landowners must have an incentive to let the trees grow. Leasing the property and marketing the harvest in order to keep the cycle profitable returns the concept of reforestation to a highly desirable land management option.