Educating landowners on the increased land value provided by reforestation.

People assign value to land based on its ability to give them something they value. Land with high value produces enough to feed a family and have something left over to build personal wealth.

These uses of land provide a rapid return on the investment of money and time. This type of investment and return is easy to visualize and explain because it has been the most commonly used.

Forests have been regarded as a nuisance and removed to make room for a "real" crop. Unfortunately, marginal land will have limited fertility and become a liability unless it is developed for urban use. The landowner is again faced with a choice of how to profit from his land.

What does a landowner need in order to restore his marginal property to full productivity? Learning about the value of timber on the global market gives the landowner more choices, but marketing is still a problem.

Participation in the Landowner Investment Partnership brings the necessary resources together that allow the reforestation and restoration of private land to benefit the landowner as well as the company managing and developing their land. This “Turn-Key” approach to land management gives attention to the details of how each local community fits into the global community.