Revitalizing third world economies through natural resource restoration.

Forest plantations provide economic growth through managed harvests. For the duration of the lease the landowner receives quarterly payments that will flow throughout the local economy. The timber stands will require maintenance and encourage the growth of service industries. Small Business has always been the foundation of a stable economy.

This capital investment stays in the community rather than being funneled to other projects by special interest groups. This enrichment of the basic social fabric of a community allows families to maintain their integrity while contributing to the tax base of the national economy.

Reforestation through the Landowner Investment Partnership also restores the place of the landowner in the profit cycle. Bringing the profit of their land back into their own community reinforces the local economy and preserves their traditions.

We don't need to wait for mandated projects, required environmental initiatives, inadequate goals or unrealistic social programs. The loss of forests occurred because there was a lucrative market for their products. That market is still there and has expanded. Forestry was and still is a foundation industry on which an entire country can build. Investment in international natural resource management assures global environmental and financial balance.