Governmental Consensus
The majority of the world has embraced a future where environmental rights hold equal stature with industrial development. Unfortunately, enough countries have withheld their full support and the necessary momentum to generate rapid change has not developed.

The Gound Up
Entering into long-term lease contracts directly with private landowners allows large tracts of land to be reforested and maintained at a profit for the landowner, corporation and investors as well as sequestering tons of greenhouse gases.

Carbon sequestration through reforestation is most successful when the cycle of growth is continued by harvesting the mature stand and growing another rotation of trees built from ambient CO2.

Cutting through bureaucratic red tape of environmental reform.

Global warming and other environmental issues are well known, but governmental consensus on their solutions is difficult to achieve.

Private landowners and industry understand sustainable returns, renewable resources, and the balance between profit and conservation. The private sector, without legislative reform, is capable of good management and balanced growth.

By applying sound business and conservation practices, it is possible to make improvements from the ground up, without waiting for mandates and laws.

The historic disregard for replanting has led to the deforestation of good land. Most people have not looked beyond their immediate need for firewood and lumber to the consequences of poor stewardship. Reforestation with private landowners returns property to prosperity.