The Gound Up
Entering into long-term lease contracts directly with private landowners allows large tracts of land to be reforested and maintained at a profit for the landowner, corporation and investors as well as sequestering tons of greenhouse gases.

Vegetative Imbalance

What goes up must come down. You are what you eat. You reap what you sow. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. All of these familiar truisms are about balance and the acceptance of an eventual moderation of extremes.

Having a vegetative imbalance just means that we have more things that emit carbon dioxide than things that absorb carbon dioxide. There are not enough plants growing to use up the carbon dioxide at the rate that we have been adding it to the atmosphere.

Between having a large and growing human population (not to mention an enormous insect population), releasing millions of years worth of carbon stockpiles and eliminating vast areas of of the most prolific plants, we have literally stacked the odds against ourselves. Understanding that a leveling of some description will occur, we can choose how it will AFFECT our world.

There appear to be four obvious choices of various desirability.
1. Increase plant mass that absorbs carbon.
Very possible
2. Reduce emissions from technological sources.
Also very possible
3. Reduce population and quantity of technology used.
Not a sane possibility
4. Make no changes and allow natural selection to occur.
Insanity will reign supreme

I personally prefer No. 1 and No. 2. Choice No. 3 is a disaster scenario that is impossible to accept, and No. 4 is insane, but an unfortunate possibility. Conditions are continuing to deteriorate and all of these choices are still on the table.