The Gound Up
Entering into long-term lease contracts directly with private landowners allows large tracts of land to be reforested and maintained at a profit for the landowner, corporation and investors as well as sequestering tons of greenhouse gases.

Carbon sequestration through reforestation is most successful when the cycle of growth is continued by harvesting the mature stand and growing another rotation of trees built from ambient CO2.


U.C.I.C. Global will be incorporated in each country where we do business as U.C.I.C. Mexico, U.C.I.C. Ghana, etc. As a company with national standing, we will work within the laws and maintain our standard of being a company committed to community development.

We have solid, defendable contracts that sustain confidence in our integrity. We refuse to be viewed as more foreigners that have come to steal wealth and impoverish the 'natives'.

Restoration includes the community and a respect for human rights that encourages a wider view of the world. The desire for improved living conditions has driven many countries into revolution. Providing improved habitats for trees also reinvigorates an apathetic population with opportunities for a more productive life. The stability offered by working, tax paying families allows a government to govern and expand the depth of their national pride.

Our ability to elevate the standard of living in a region becomes a national asset that restores a peoples potential along with their environment.