The Gound Up
Entering into long-term lease contracts directly with private landowners allows large tracts of land to be reforested and maintained at a profit for the landowner, corporation and investors as well as sequestering tons of greenhouse gases.


An imbalance occurs when the extremes overwhelm the median. Mountains and canyons are beautiful, but you need the valleys and plains to grow food.

Regardless of opinions or theories concerning global warming, our planet does have a vegetative imbalance. Whether it contributes to Global Warming or not, it is causing real and noticeable discomfort to humanity right now. The increase of respiratory disease, drought and famine can be directly linked to atmospheric changes that are due to deforestation.

In many places, the breath of life has given way to the stench of death. The very air has become a hazard.

The journey to our present dilemma meanders from the discovery of fire, through the bronze age, around mosquito control and ponders the search for the perfect steak. No single moment is to blame. However, the total journey leads us into a game of brinksmanship. How far can we go? When should we retreat? and to where? Which of our favorite toys must we forfeit?

And where does Carbon Sequestration fit into this? The imbalance of carbon and other gases can be dramatically improved by sequestering them in green, growing dynamic forests. Global reforestation, on a massive scale, is able to reduce atmospheric carbon, moderate temperatures, increase rainfall and reduce windborn dust. Trees, planted by the billions, will offer a variety of ways to mitigate the production of gases and bring the world closer to a balance that we can live with.